About Us

About The CONSULT/ix Group The CONSULT/ix Group is a US-based company serving the global IT community for over 25 years. We are a full-service consulting firm offering Information Technology Services to small, medium, and large businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, and military facilities. Our services range from technology trend advice, to application development, to full out-sourcing of MIS/IT responsibility.

Why choose The CONSULT/ix Group?

Whether we are fully outsourcing a service, managing your project, or simply providing expertise and guidance to your in-house staff, our depth of knowledge and level of experience allows us to deliver you superior results in less time and with less expense, vastly increasing your Return On Investment (ROI).

Straight talk!  Today, everybody seems to be a computer consultant. Armed with buzzwords, certifications, and an attitude, it's easy to sound knowledgable, but when things get tough, it's the experience that counts. At The CONSULT/ix Group, our expertise is unsurpassed.

Affordability! Each of our senior partners has over 30 years of technology experience. With that much experience to draw on, our depth of understanding allows us to see through problems that most computer consultants would spend hours working on. That time saved is bucks on your bottom line! Whether your next project is simple PC networking, or a custom application for global distribution, you will find our rates to be among the best in the industry. Just ask us!

Diversity! We don't "just do PC's" and we don't "just do websites" like many technology providers. Our diversity is one of our greatest assets. With extensive experience in all areas of software development, and hardware engineering expertise all the way down to the circuit level, we can offer you real one-stop shopping for all of your technology needs.

Are we experienced?

You be the judge! For over 25 years, The CONSULT/ix Group has been solving technology problems and developing new technologies for business, education, science, and industry. From accounting systems and business management, to school management, to jobcosting, process control, and project management; from specialized industrial control systems, to Vessel Traffic Control Systems, The CONSULT/ix Group has both the experience and expertise necessary to meet all of your technological challenges.

At The CONSULT/ix Group, we haven't learned technology from a history book, we've experienced it first hand!  From vacuum tubes to Multi-Core processors and Virtual Machines; from machine code to C++, to Perl, PHP, and XML; from legacy COBOL to Open Source Software: The CONSULT/ix Group is ready to partner with you for all of your technology needs.

We get the job done!

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