Business Continuity

What is Business Continuity?

* Preventing a disaster
* Planning, just in case
* Handling the aftermath

In IT, failure is not an option because in today's world the consequences can be catastrophic to a business. Not surprisingly, organizations have made it a high priority to develop and implement reliable business continuity plans to ensure that IT services that are critical to company operations are continually available.

Technology developments and trends, most notably server and desktop virtualization, cloud computing, the emergence of mobile devices in the workforce, and social networks, are having an impact on how enterprises handle IT business continuity planning and testing. Much of the impact is for the better, experts say, but these trends can also create new challenges for IT, information security and risk management executives.

The Consult/ix Group can help you formulate your planning objectives, identify necessary steps for a complete solution, break it into manageable parts, and complete the implementation.