Experience: Past Projects

The CONSULT/ix Group has a large number of projects in its portfolio. Here are a few representative examples. Please contact us for specific details.

Job Cost System

Designed to manage the relationship between human resources, physical resources, and tasks on projects of varying degrees of complexity in a manufacturing environment, this Client/Server application involved expertise in C programming, Informix 4GL, and the Informix Dynamic Server Database.

Input screens allowed for the entry of required materials necessary to produce a proposal for a given project. Additional screens allowed for the gathering of time and material costs for each task performed by each employee in the completion of a project. Reports provide insight into the status and ongoing cost of every project, tracking actual cost against estimated cost, and provide task specific detail. An API was developed to pass project billing information directly to the Corporate Accounting System.

Time and Billing System

Aimed primarily at service organizations, this application offered a way to track daily time expenditure for multiple sales and service personnel. Tracking both time billable by client as well as in-house, non-billable time provides for the creation of time cards, client invoices, and a large number of administrative reports.

This client/server application was developed with C code and the Informix SQL database

Vessel Traffic System (Maritime)

School Management System for Catholic Secondary Schools

Global Intranet for Catholic Missonaries

A London based Catholic organization that provides medical advice and assistance in every corner of the globe required an Intranet application that provided secure access to numerous in-house information services, member services, inter-member communications facilities, and data exchange. Some remote facilites have only minimal internet service requiring that access be streamlined wherever possible in terms or required bandwidth.

Since content would be provided by many members around the globe acting in varied capacities, multiple sets of access permissions would be required. A common and simple content creation interface was required due to varying degrees of computer expertise as well as the constraint of language barriers.

Drupal was selected to provide the operating core of the system which has now evolved through numerous upgrades. In conjunction with the Drupal CCK toolkit, custom modules provide for much of the required data format, reports, and essential layout.

This application is hosted on The CONSULT/ix Group servers in order to provide the high level of accessibility required.