Team Leaders

Senior Partner

Our Senior Executive Partners set the standards for Application Development, Network Engineering, and Project Management.

William M. Rosser

Bill's background includes Electrical Engineering, Physics, Math, and Computer Science. Bill was employed by Bell Laboratories for 17 years working in the fields of Microwave Electronics, Integrated Circuit design, and the development of automated testing methodologies for telecommunications circuits, and is the holder of several technology patents.

Bill has worked as an independent consultant for over 25 years across the US and in such diverse locations as Southeast Asia, The Marshall Islands, Central America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Bill was instrumental in the early development of speech recognition technology. He has worked with John Hopkins Medical Center to apply this technology to the treatment of speech defects, and has been a speaker at the Audio Engineer's Society Meeting in Montreux, Switzerland. Bill's hobbies include Ham Radio, music, motorcycles, and model railroading.

Senior Partner

Cynthia I. Cauffman

Cindi's background includes Computer Science, Philosophy and Economics/Finance. Cindi was employed by Philadelphia National Bank for 7 years on the very first ATM implementation project in the banking industry, as well as Clearinghouse and Credit Card systems. More recently, Cindi designed and was project leader and prime developer for a Vessel Traffic Information System for a major U.S. port in conjunction with industry leaders Raytheon and NorControl, and completed a major upgrade to a K-12 multi-school administration system.

Cindi has worked as a consultant for over 20 years across the US and in such diverse locations as Europe, Scandinavia, and the Middle East for large multinational corporations, the U.S. Government and smaller businesses.

Cindi's hobbies include Sailing, Ham Radio, Theoretical Economics and Monetary Systems, and competing horses in Three Day Eventing across the U.S..

Our partners bring a vast and diverse mix of experience to the table with each and every technology project. Backgrounds in Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, Philosophy, and Business Management, insure that every aspect of your project is addressed in a timely, and cost-efficient manner. Our partners have been employed as software designers, programmers, data architects, and project managers by both domestic and international corporations in the fields of banking, insurance, defense systems, communications, transportation, and education. Our assignments have taken us across the US, and overseas to Norway, England, France, Australia, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

Christopher Rosser -
Software Engineer & IT Consultant

Chris has nearly 20 years of experience working in the IT industry. He is an accomplished software developer, having developed software solutions for the automotive, logistics, and retail industries in the US, Canada, and Mexico, to as far as Colombia and Saudi Arabia. Chris brings more to the table than software development, including extensive experience with Microsoft and Linux system administration, network engineering, consulting, and technical support. His hobbies include playing music, and retro video gaming.

Advisory Staff

Captain Paul Ives -
Technical Advisor, Maritime Industry

Paul's areas of expertise include 43 years as a ship pilot, 5 years as President of his Pilots' Association, 28 years as Secretary & Treasurer of the Am. Pilots Association, and an appointment by PA Governor Tom Ridge to the Phila. Regional Port Authority. Paul has testified before Congress as an expert technical delegate to the Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services (RTCM). He pioneered the VHF bridge-to-bridge communication system in 1963 that was adopted by the International Maritime Organization for use worldwide, and for which he received the Marconi Gold Award. Paul teaches ship handling and bridge resource managment to pilots and ship officers from around the world on a state-of-the-art simulator in Dania, FL. Paul's hobbies include Sailing and Ham Radio.

John M. Rosser -
Technical Advisor, Physical Sciences

John's diverse background includes service as a faculty member at Penn State University, teaching Technical Calculus, Physics, and Astronomy. John is past curator of the Friedman Astronomical Observatory. John's background also includes Electrical Engineering. Additionally, he oversees the operation of our media production facility. JR's hobbies are travel and Ham Radio.